2,000 billion capitalization ceiling breached

Amazon debuts in the five-star club of US technology, the Top 5 of companies with larger capitalisation in the world, which have exceeded at least 2,000 billion in market cap. A ceiling that has progressively risen in recent times, so much so that three of them have even broken through the 3,000 billion threshold. But perhaps it’s more impressive to talk about 3 trillion dollars.

How much is Amazon worth?

Amazon shares, which were entered among the blue-chips of the Dow Jones Industrial Average last February, they jumped yesterday by 3.9% to 193.61 dollars, bringing the year-to-date advantage of over 27%. A performance like few stocks have recorded, with the exception of some linked to artificial intelligence, which is driving the US tech market.

At this price, the stock’s market capitalization, or the monetary value obtained by multiplying its value by the number of shares outstanding, stood at $2.01 trillion.

Amazon’s performance it is not isolated and follows that of other large ones US tech companiesas Googlewhich through its listed parent company Alphabet, has already reached this threshold, or like the trio of miracles – Microsoft, Apple and Nvidia – which are even worth more than 3 trillion.

Behind AmazonAccording to the Statista website, there is no other American tech company aiming for this goal, which is only approached by the Arab oil giant Saudi Aramcowhich exceeded 1.9 trillion in capitalization. Meta Platforms, Zuckerberg’s company that manages Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other social networks is worth around 1.2 trillion in capitalization and is still very far from the finish line.

Why is it soaring?

A performance justified by the race of the titles related to artificial intelligence, the latest frontier of technology, in particular generative AI. A sector in which many companies are investing.

At the end of last year, Amazon presented a new generation of chips designed for data centers, intended for machine learning and generative artificial intelligence training applications. Furthermore, Amazon is also investing in its own chatBot, which should arrive in the autumn: its code name is Metis and, despite the delay compared to competitors, it should exploit a huge amount of data. To develop its products, the e-commerce giant has invested in the artificial intelligence startup Anthropic and in the robotics company Figure.