Dengue case in Trieste, a 13-year-old girl affected: disinfestation begins

A 13 year old girl from Trieste tested positive for Dengue after returning from a cruise with her parents. To ascertain the case it was the Prevention Department of the Giuliano Isontina University Health Company (Asugi). The little girl is currently in isolation, while her parents are waiting to hear the results of the blood test they underwent. More details on the case will be provided on May 28 following the meeting between the Regional Health Department and the Prevention Department of Asugi.

Dengue, a little girl from Trieste tests positive

The Dengue case in Trieste pushed the Municipality to start “preventive root disinfestation measures” in the area that extends from via Catullo to the De Tommasini public garden, for a radius of 200 metres, including via Fabio Severo, via del Coroneo and via San Francesco. The operation, which began at 7pm on May 27th and will continue until 10.30pm, aims to eliminate the mosquito larval outbreaks. During this treatment, as reported by Asugi, it is important that all citizens remain indoors with windows and doors tightly closed and with air exchange systems turned off. The same is required for pets, taking care to “protect their shelters and furnishings with plastic sheets”. And again, “before treatment, collect the vegetables and fruit present in the gardens or, alternatively, protect the plants in an airtight manner with plastic sheets”.

Disinfestation in Trieste

To allow the success of the disinfestationThe Municipality of Trieste has foreseen for today's evening, May 27th, “a ban on transit for all vehicles on the road sections” affected by the treatment. These are via Catullo, via Tibullo, vicolo dell'Ospitale Militare, via Fabio Severo, via Papiniano, via del Coroneo, via Stoppani, via del Ronco, via Pietro Nobile, via Alessandro Volta, via Guglielmo Marconi, via Carpison, via San Francis of Assisi.

Dengue, what to pay attention to

The reclamation work carried out by municipality of Trieste after the finding case of Dengue in a 13 year old girl it also provides warnings that the population will have to implement in the coming weeks. It is “ordered to comply with what is prescribed by those responsible for the removal of larval outbreaks to prevent the same outbreaks from reforming”. More specifically, it is necessary to “avoid the permanent or temporary abandonment in public and private open spaces, including terraces, balconies and flat roofs, of containers of any nature and size in which rainwater can collect”. It is therefore necessary to avoid the formation and collection of backwateras it is an ideal place for the birth of new mosquito larval outbreaks.

Dengue, cases in Italy

There Dengue it is a disease that causes fever and severe muscle pain. It is transmitted to humans through the bite of two particular types of mosquito. Due to its endemic diffusion, it is considered a tropical disease in many countries. As reported by the Higher Institute of Health, in Italy “from January 1st to May 13th 2024, they appear in the national surveillance system 197 cases confirmed cases of Dengue, all associated with foreign travel, with no deaths.”