Did ninjas really dress in black and samurai were honorable warriors? The differences

Ninjas VS samurai for us in the West it is the challenge between murderers skilled in espionage and unscrupulous e warriors honorable and trained in martial arts. But it's not like we have a somewhat romanticized idea of ​​these warriors Japan? I'll give you two examples: ninjas didn't always dress in blackotherwise they would have been immediately identified, and the samurai, as privileged military castesometimes they performed real ones abuses against people of lower social status. Here, in the video you find above let's shed some light on the two figures and let's go beyond the common stereotype.

First of all, let's summarize it in general terms story of ninja and samuraiprojecting ourselves into Feudal Japan at the end of the 12th century. Let's follow the birth and it development of the two types of warriors over the years, up to their disappearance following the dynasty's seizure of power Tokugawa In the 1603 and, above all, to Meiji Restorationbetween 1866 and 1869. During the story we also clarify the role that figures such as theemperori daimyō (in short, of the feudal lords), lo shogun (the daimyō who managed to subjugate and rule all the others, often to the detriment of the emperor himself) and ronin (mercenary samurai, no longer a daimyō of reference).

Let's analyze then fighting techniques, weapons And code of Conduct of ninjas (formerly called shinobi) and samurai. We therefore mention elements such as bushido (the “way of the warrior”, code of honor of the samurai), the katana (the traditional Japanese long sword) and the shuriken (darts and throwing knives of various types).

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Finally let's see how pop culture she appropriated the figures of ninjas and samurai, citing works of various genres: the book and the TV series Shogunvideo games Ninja Gaiden, Ghost of Tsushima And Rise of the Ronin; movies like Kill Bill, The Last Samurai And The Seven Samurai; comic book, manga and anime characters like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Naruto, Zoro Of one piece or Goemon Of Lupine III.