Electronic health record, no interruption of digital medical prescriptions in Lombardy

There Lombardy region he announced that he won't be there no interruptions in sending the dematerialized medical prescriptions from May 1st for those who have not yet confirmed this choice through the channels made available. Around 50 percent of Lombardy citizens have confirmed the service and will therefore be able to continue using theirs electronic health record also for digital recipes as, for the Region, “it is important to continue this awareness-raising process to allow more and more Lombards to continue to benefit from a service that is always highly appreciated”.

Electronic health records, the new face of medicine in Lombardy

As explained by the Welfare Councilor of the Lombardy Region, Guido Bertolaso: “Lombard citizens still have ample time to make the choice on methods of receiving electronic prescriptions“. “The information campaign on this topic, which began two months ago and which sees the involvement of ATS, General Practitioners and pharmacies – he added – will continue until participation is maximum”.

In recent days Bertolaso ​​himself had announced the end of the April 30th to confirm your acceptance of the sending of the dematerialized medical prescriptions, underlined the benefits of the option, first of all the time saving. However, there were communication problems with citizens who, in addition to the tight deadlines, also had to deal with an electronic platform that went down due to too much traffic generated by the news.

For Matteo PiloniLombard regional councilor of the Democratic Party, the communication of the initiative had been made “shortly in advance”, which was the reason that had pushed the opposition to ask for a extension of deadlines. Piloni, specifically, had asked for the possibility that citizens' consent could be expressed at least until May 30, “so as to allow people assisted by the health service to receive electronic prescriptions directly on their devices, without any interruption in the service”.

How to confirm the digital medical prescription service

The citizens of Lombardy who understand keep the service active of sending the dematerialized medical prescriptions, must confirm their membership using one of the channels made available by the Lombardy Region. The operation can therefore be carried out using the Electronic health record (https://www.fascicolosanitario.regione.lombardia.it/) by accessing the Profile and Settings section, located at the top right, and selecting the Notifications item and, then, Recipes. Finally, you need to choose whether to send a text message or an email.

It is necessary to underline that these settings must also be updated by those who had already done so in the past before the change to the platform, i.e. by all those who had already activated the NRE service (the electronic prescription number) via text message. To facilitate the procedure, these days the platform displays a pop ups when you access your health record which indicates the need to make a choice regarding receiving notifications. The same procedures can also be carried out through the Electronic Health Record app.

For those less accustomed to technology, others have also been prepared physical channels. It is in fact possible:

  • go to the physical counters to choose and revoke the relevant ASST;
  • contact a general practitioner/pediatrician of your choice;
  • carry out the operation within local pharmacies.