Fire at the old stock exchange in Copenhagen causes the collapse of the Spire: the similarities with Notre-Dame

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Today, at 7:36 (local time), a violent fire hit the historic Copenhagen Stock Exchange buildingThe Borsen built almost 400 years ago, causing its iconic to collapse Dragon Spire of 54 meters. Luckily no victims were recorded nor injured and the firefighters' efforts are concentrated on putting out the flames and trying to save as many works of art as possible, since the building housed a notable artistic and cultural heritage. At the moment they still are the causes of this fire are unknown but seeing images of the building engulfed in fire can only bring to mind the fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral, whose fifth anniversary fell less than 24 hours before this disaster.

In both cases, in fact, the buildings were in renovation phase: in the case of the stock exchange, work was underway to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of its construction, which would have fallen in 2025. Among other things – according to the first statements – the very presence of scaffolding would hindering the work of firefighters.

Returning to the affinities with Notre-Dame, in both cases the symbol of this disaster is the collapse of a burning spire: for Notre-Dame it was the flèchefor Copenhagen instead the Dragon Spire which – as King Frederikthe city of Towers“.

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Notre-Dame fire: what stage is the reconstruction work on the cathedral?

By Stefano Gandelli

Obviously, as anticipated, the causes of the fire are not yet clear: we will update you as soon as there is news on the matter.