Fish withdrawn from the market due to mercury risk: the affected batches

The Ministry of Health has taken steps to withdraw from the market a product of fish due to the presence of excessive amounts of mercury which can lead to some risks for human health. The document published by the ministry on 3 July 2024 states that the recall concerns several swordfish slices which are sold in Italian supermarkets loose and frozen in irregularly shaped pieces. This last aspect makes it more difficult to identify the products affected by the recall which, however, can be recognized by brand name And lot.

Fish withdrawn from market due to mercury risk

As reported on the website of the Ministry of Health in the specific section dedicated to food recallsThe fish withdrawn from the market corresponds to a product sold in bulk with the brand DIMAR. As for the lotit’s about the number 24132-585with internal lot 24025560. The product can also be recognized through the TMCMinimum shelf life, which in this case is set on the date of October 1, 2026. And again, the batch of fish withdrawn from the market was produced in Pontevedra, Spain, by the company Frozen Wonder.

Fish withdrawn from the market, the risks

In the section of the recall document dedicated to the reasons, the Ministry of Health reports that some substances have been detected in the product in question amounts of mercury exceeding the thresholds permitted by Italian law. Mercury is a heavy metal present in swordfish, as well as in tuna and blue shark which, if ingested by humans in large quantities, can cause health risks. Acute mercury poisoning can in fact lead to gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms that can be severe. In addition, in the case of pregnancy, it can negatively affect the nervous system of the fetus.

What to do if you bought recalled fish

Anyone who, following an inspection, realizes that they have purchased the swordfish slices withdrawn from the market must avoid consuming the product and go to the point of purchase (with regular receipt and invoice) to request the reimbursement of the sums spent or the replacement of the fish product. It is recalled, however, that it is necessary that the purchase of the fish recalled from the market took place on a date prior to the announcement of the recall.

Food recalls, the app to stay up to date

THE food recalls are now the order of the day, which indicates that in Italy there is great attention towards the health of its citizens. In order to encourage and broaden communication on the withdrawal of products from the market that are potentially harmful to humans, the Ministry of Health has launched a new app which, in real time, allows citizens to have knowledge of all the foods and drinks subject to recall.

The application, which is called Product Recalls Italycan be conveniently downloaded to your device and, through notifications, it allows you to always be aware of any problems found in products on sale in Italian supermarkets. Among the various functions of the app for food recalls, there is also one that allows citizens to identify in a few simple steps if a recalled product is present in their pantry and whether, in the event of a recall, they are entitled or not to obtain a financial refund.