Fiuggi water withdrawn from the market due to foreign bodies in the bottle, the affected batches

Problems for some confections of Fiuggi waterwith the company requesting the immediate withdrawal of some batches of bottles due to the presence of foreign bodies. The report, made through a press release that appeared in various supermarket locations, became necessary after a customer had contacted Acque e Terme di Fiuggi Spa to point out a strange phenomenon that had caused her concern. And Fiuggi, of his own free will and without the intervention of the Ministry of Health, decided to issue a withdrawal note to stem any problem.

Fiuggi water withdrawn due to foreign bodies

To report the withdrawal note of Fiuggi water bottles in supermarkets has been The Food Factwhich published the press release issued by the company and posted from the morning of Thursday 27 June in various locations in

The note states that the decision to withdraw some bottles of Fiuggi water from the market was taken “as a preventative and precautionary measure in the interests of consumers and its good name”. Specifically, the withdrawal was ordered “following presence of foreign bodies of an unidentifiable nature found in a bottle of product”.

This discovery was made by a customer who reported the presence of white sediment inside a bottle. As explained by the company to The Food Factafter analysis it emerged that the water was compliant and it was probably a sedimentation of mineral origin typical of the water.

The notice states that the recall concerns Fiuggi natural mineral water in 100 cl glass bottles, belonging to the lot L24 076 with minimum shelf life (Tmc) 03/2026.

A new future for Acqua Fiuggi

Meanwhile, from a corporate point of view, Acqua e Terme Fiuggi Spa has recently opened the doors to a new future. The company, in fact, welcomed Lmdv Capital into the family, which with 72.5% became part of the company.

At the head of Ldmv Capital is Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, an entrepreneur born in 1995 and son of the founder of Luxottica Leonardo Del Vecchio who passed away in 2022. Already a financier of the youth drink Boem, Fedez and Lazza, Del Vecchio has decided to bet on Fiuggi because “it represents a concrete commitment to relaunch a symbol of Italian excellence and support the local community that has preserved this heritage”.

“We strongly believe in the potential of Acqua e Terme di Fiuggi, we are determined to promote its unique qualities both in Italy and abroad” said the entrepreneur, who is aiming to reposition itself in the luxury segment premium waterwith a particular focus on international markets such as North America and the Middle East.

The purchase of the majority of Acqua Fiuggi, according to what emerged from the first estimates, would have cost Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio approximately 1.6 million euros.

With the entry of Lmdv Capital into Acqua e Terme di Fiuggi, the entrepreneur Francesco Borgomeo, of Saxa Gres, will develop with Del Vecchio the brand of the famous oligomineral that has the effect of curing kidney stones, while the former vice president of Confindustria Maurizio Stirpe will focus on the asset of the national sports center of Capo i Prati, on the golf course and on the wellness center.