Fussballliebe, the “smart” ball with a tech heart for Euro 2024 capable of recognising handballs

The official ball of the 2024 European Football Championship currently taking place in Germany is Football love (sometimes also written with only two “l”), the smart ball presented by UEFA and Adidas. It is the ball most technologically advanced ever used in a international competitioneven capable of improving the performance of the ball used for the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar.

The name of the ball means “love for football” in German and represents an evolution of the ball used for the last football world championships. In essence Football love integrates the sensors able to help VAR referees About the semi-automatic offsideat the goal line technology and in the recognition of the handballs.

The data collected by the ball, in fact, will be combined using algorithms artificial intelligence to player positions to automatically detect offside events, in the same way the ability of the ball to record every touch will allow to understand when the ball has been deflected or if it has been touched with the arms of the players.

The most technologically advanced soccer ball ever: the features

This ball is made by 20 colored panelswhich recall the colours of the national who will take part in the European Championship, called Precisionshellconnected to each other by grooves strategically positioned to promote maximum precision in direction of the passages. Fussballliebe is the result of studies and aerodynamic analysis which allows him to meticulously control the air flows on the external surface thus promoting the speed and accuracy of throws, shots and crosses. The aesthetics of the ball will come later personalized at every match with the name of the city and the plant illustrations which will host the match.

Sam Handy, VP Product and Design at Adidas Football, said:

When designing this official ball, we were inspired by the energy and diversity of the tournament and Europe’s love of football. With this in mind, we hope FUSSBALLLIEBE will bring joy wherever it is kicked.

How it works and what it can do Fussballliebe: the smart ball technology

Football love implements the Connected Ball Technology developed by Adidas with KINEXONThe development of the ball was overseen by UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), the governing body of European football.

Connected Ball Technology means that the ball is equipped with motion sensorcomprising a inertial measurement unit at 500 Hz (suspended thanks to the use of filaments center of the ball), able to register all the movements of the sphere. I sensors inside the balloon, then, they are fed by a drums that recharges to induction.

THE data collected from the balloon they can then be used by coaches And players to analyze the matches played. The ball collects data regarding:

  1. speed with which the ball was kicked;
  2. accuracy of the steps taken;
  3. rotation speed of the conclusions;
  4. mode of circulation of the ball of each squad on the playing field.

Adidas he also thought about reduce environmental impact relating to the construction of the ball: it was in fact used recycled polyester and water-based ink,;finally, the1% of the proceeds from the sale of Fussallliebe will be donated to the association Common Goal.

The ball of Euro 2024 is in sale on the Adidas official website at a price of about €150but it is important to point out that the version including the Connected Ball Technology will not be made available for sale to the public.