Google announces Find My Device, the app for finding lost Android smartphones: how it works

Credits: Google.

Google has officially started the distribution of Find My Device (which in Italian could be called Find my device), the Android counterpart of Where is Apple. This is an app that allows you to locate Android smartphones, trackers or other Bluetooth devices. After an initial period with distribution limited to North America and in English, the new application from the Mountain View giant will arrive soon – presumably within a few weeks – also in all other countries, includingItaly. For the latest smartphone models produced by Google itself, that is Pixel 8 and 8 Proit will be available there localization of the device even when turned offand it is possible that this functionality will be supported by other brands in the near future.

How does Find My Device work?

Find My Device takes advantage of the widespread presence of Android smartphones in the area to locate a lost device. This principle is called crowdsourcing: since they currently exist over a billion Android devices scattered throughout the planet, choosing to become part of the Find My Device network each of these devices, by activating the Bluetooth, will participate in locating a user's lost phone. Indeed, when a lost device will be found in the Bluetooth range of an Android smartphone that participates in the latter network will detect your position allowing the owner to know where it is. All devices that support the application will be able to located on the map or it will be possible to trigger sound notifications or bright to help us track your device.

Find my device GIF
A screenshot of Find My Device. Credits: Google.

This applies to smartphones turned onalthough offline. In the case of Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, localization with the phone turned off is possible because these devices have an installed Bluetooth chip which continues to be powered even if the smartphone is turned off.

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How do I know if my device supports this app?

All devices compatible with the new Google network will be labeled “Works with Android Find My Device”.

Credits: Google.

The Find My Device application is compatible with all Android smartphones updated to version 6 (Marshmallow) or later however to compete for the net of devices the minimum version is 9 (Pie). All locatable devices must then be associated with your Google account, so as to define the properties of the product; if instead we wanted to recover the location of one of our devices from phone of a colleague or friend it will not be necessary to log in on your device with our account but it will be possible to do it from one guest session.

We repeat that the application is in rollout and will arrive in Italy only in some time, however it is possible to view the complete list of devices associated with our account on the official Google website.

In addition to Android smartphones, Big G will also support other devices within Find My Device like trackers brands Chipolo, Pebblebee and Eufy, as well as some bluetooth earphones branded JBL And Sony.

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