here are the companies that are paying coupons today

Day of detachment of coupons in Piazza Affari: today, Monday 24 June 2024, several Blue-chips and some Mid-Caps from the Milan Stock Exchange will detach the dividend coupon. A detachment that will not be completely negligible, because the reduction in the value of the coupon will produce a negative impact on the main stock market index, the FTSE MIB index, estimated at -0.2%. But which companies pay the coupon and how much?

The companies that pay the coupon

Among the companies that today detach the dividend coupon to be paid to shareholders there are eight Blue Chips belonging to the main basket (FTSE MIB), representing different economic sectors. Two utilities (ACEA and HERA) and two energetic (Terna and Snam), a defense title (Leonardo), a technology title (STM), a financial company (Italian post) and an industrial society (Pirelli).

Between the four mid-cap companies (Mid-Cap) that pay the coupon there are Carel Industries (conditioning), Ferretti (yacht), OVS(retail) e Drums (finance).

Then there is a small capitalization company, Unieuro (retail), and two companies in the EGM market (Euronext Growth Milan), Powersoft (audio amplifiers) e Digitouch (cloud).

How much they pay and how much the coupon yields

But how much do the companies that reach the finish line today pay off in coupons? And how much do their shares yield? Below, the coupon amount and, in brackets) the dividend yield is indicated for each company:

Below are the eight large-cap companies posting coupons:

  • ACEA 0.88 euros (5.37%)
  • HERA 0.14 euros (4.29%)
  • Leonardo 0.28 euros (1.26%)
  • Pirelli 0.198 euros (3.53%)
  • Italian post 0.1692 euros (4.69%)
  • Snam 0.1692 euros (4.1%)
  • STM 0.09 euros (0.24%)
  • Terna 0.225 euros (3.05%)

Among the other companies that pay the coupon:

  • Carel Industries 0.19 euros (1.10%)
  • Ferretti 0.097 euros (3.36%)
  • OVS 0.07 euros (2.64%)
  • Drums 0.15 euros (1.62%)
  • Unieuro 0.46 euros (5.26%)
  • Digitouch 0.025 euros (1.26%)
  • Powersoft 0.85 euros (5.52%)

Who pays more?

Looking at the returns offered by the various securities, it already emerges who the most generous companies are with their shareholders. Among the top companies with the largest capitalization there are utilities and financial companies: ACEA, for example, yields 5.37% and HERA 4.29%, followed by Poste Italiane which, thanks to its record profits, distributes a dividend that yields 4.69%. Not least energy companies such as Snam which yields 4.1% and Terna 3%.