How is the ATP ranking score of the best tennis players calculated?

Credit: si.robi, CC BY–SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The May 4, 2024 it is a date that will remain in the history of Italian sport, in particular tennis. What all Italian fans have been hoping for for a long time has happened: Jannik Sinner he's the tennis player number one of the world ranking, first Italian to obtain this record. In fact, Sinner beat in the semi-finals of Roland Garros Dimitrov. Meanwhile, the Serbian tennis player Djokovic, who was number one for fourteen years, withdrew from the tournament, losing the top spot in the rankings. Djokovic is in fact now second in the world.

The official ranking of the best tennis players in the world is called Atp (Association of Tennis Professionals) and was used for the first time in 1973.
Points are awarded based on placement achieved in tournaments andimportance of each event. These points replace those earned the previous year in the same tournament.
But how does the scoring system of this ranking work?

The ranking is drawn up weeklyevery Monday, taking into consideration the results obtained by tennis players in 52 previous weeks. In this way, the latest edition of each tournament is taken into account.
For each player, we consider i 19 best results obtained in the last year, and tennis players gain or lose points depending on their latest performance.

For each tournament you take part in, the further you get, the more points you get. However, the various tournaments on the circuit have different values: the most prestigious ones are the Slams, which guarantee 2000 points to the winner, 1300 to the finalist, 800 to the semi-finalists.

According to this system, which as we have seen takes into account the scores obtained in the last year, if for example a tennis player has obtained 2000 points for having won Wimbledon the previous year, he will only be able to confirm these 2000 points if he manages to win again. Otherwise, he will be given a new score based on the position obtained.