in Italy collections declining in April


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To April 2024 the collection of Italian NPLs was equal to 185 million, lower than 13% rcompared to the previous month and lower than the average of April collections of the last two years. This is what emerges from the monthly research update of Scope Ratingsa European rating agency, regarding NPL collections in Italy in the month of April.

NPL, collections decreasing in April

THE April proceeds were 9% lower than the average for April 2022 and 2023. The DPOs (Discounted Pay Off, out-of-court settlements) were 37% lower than the previous two years (-18 million euros on average) and were responsible of the overall decline.

37% lower DPO

THE Judicial proceedings remained in line (+1%, with a slight increase of 0.8 million euros in absolute terms), while the sales notes increased by 87% (+2 million euros in absolute terms).

Revenue, how did the first quarter go?

Again from a recent update by Scope Rating it emerges that the Italian NPL collections equal to 212 million euros March 2024 increased by 16% on a monthly basis but were 36% lower than the monthly average of the last two years, even though there were more transactions outstanding (44) compared to the same month of the previous two years (41 and 43 respectively).

The proceeds in first quarter of 2024 were the lowest since 2021, coming in at 19% below the first quarter average of 2022 and 2023.