INPS 2024 benefits for cancer patients: all the news

In order to help workers affected by oncological diseases in their treatment journey, theINPS has foreseen a series of concessions for the 2024. It is a set of rights and protections for the sick, who are subject to different treatment especially with regard to the period of absence from work, permits, leaves, allowances and time slots for medical visits.

INPS 2024 benefits for cancer patients

Between Inps benefits 2024 reserved for cancer patients there is certainly the right to job retention during the grace period, that is, the period relating to absence due to illness or injury. The employer cannot therefore fire his employee during this phase, just as the employee himself is not required to comply with the canons time slots planned for the medical examination. Going into more detail, in the case of cancer patients, medical visits must be organized by the INPS doctor directly with the patient.

Permits and leaves for cancer patients

As provided for by art. 33 of law 104, the cancer patients which is recognized as a severe disability are entitled to benefit from Permissions And leave special.

In the case of the Permissionsthat is, periods of paid absence from work, those with a proven disability have the right to:

  • to Three days of leave per month, also divisible into hours;
  • to 2 or 1 hour of leave per day if the scheduled working hours are less than 6 hours.

In addition to what has been said, permits are also foreseen for workers who assist a family member with a disabilityIn this case you are entitled to 3 days of leave per month which can also be divided into hours.

On the subject of leaveinstead, it is expected:

  • a period of paid absence from work two years for those who assist family members with serious disabilities (legislative decree no. 151/2001);
  • a period of unpaid absence from work two yearscontinuous or fractional, for those who have to face serious family problems (L. n. 53/2000).

INPS social security pensions

There are also different forms of social security pension which are recognized by theINPS to workers affected by serious illness or to their relatives who intend to provide assistance. The first, perhaps the best known, is theordinary disability allowance which is due to employed and self-employed workers registered with the INPS separate management. To be able to access the measure, the presence of contributory requirements and the reduction to less than a third of the working capacity due to the supervening physical or mental infirmity are necessary.

And again, patients can request the disability pension which is due:

  • to the public employees who are absolutely and permanently unable to carry out any work activity;
  • to the public employees recognized as absolutely and permanently unfit for the required tasks;
  • to the private employees and to self-employed INPS members who are recognised as having an absolute and permanent inability to carry out any work activity.

Civil disability benefits

Cancer patients can also benefit from the economic benefits for civil disability provided by INPS. Among these we find:

  • L’monthly allowance which is due to those who have a partial reduction in working capacity (from 74 to 99 percent) and an income lower than the limits established by law annually;
  • there disability pensionin favor of subjects with total disability and in a state of economic need;
  • L’accompanying allowance reserved for totally disabled civilians.