IT-Wallet, the digital wallet with driving licence and health card on the IO App from 15 July

From the next 15th of July the first tests will begin on IT-Walletthe first digital wallet with legal value available in Italy, which will allow you to have a electronic version of all major identity documents. If you have ever forgotten your driving licence or health card at home or, even worse, lost these or other documents, you will certainly appreciate the new measure announced on 26 February by Department for Digital Transformation. In this first testing phase a relatively small sample of citizens will be involved. second phasewhich according to the plans will be launched towards September October this year, will include a greater number of Italians in the experiment. If the tests that will be carried out are successful, IT-Wallet could be officially adopted throughout Italy by January 2025at least according to the roadmap drawn up by the Government.

It is important to point out that IT-Wallet will not replace the SPID (Public Digital Identity System) and the THERE IS (Electronic Identity Card) also because, to access the IO app (which will contain the digital wallet), it will be necessary to use one of these two authentication systems. At the moment, the Government has not disclosed the criteria with which the citizens who will participate in the tests will be chosen and it has not even been specified whether the digital documents will completely replace the physical ones once IT-Wallet is fully operational in Beautiful country.

What is IT-Wallet, when is it coming and what is it for?

In case you still haven’t understood well What is IT-Wallet, when will it arrive and what is it for?we enlighten you with the answer to all these questions.

Conceptually, IT-Wallet is the digital version of the wallet in which we are used to storing physical documents – identity card, health card, driving licence, etc. – with the difference that in this case the wallet (i.e. the wallet) is not physical, but software. From 15th of July IT-Wallet will be available only to a limited number of Italianswho will be able to obtain a limited number of documents in the IO app, which they will be able to access via SPID or CIE. Between September and October The tests will be extended to a greater number of users and January 2025if all goes well, IT-Wallet will be available to everyone.

At the moment IT-Wallet will include a digital copy of the driving licensefrom the health insurance card and of European disability card. At least in this “primordial” testing phase it will be possible to use the digital versions of the documents just mentioned only for “off-line” activities – for example showing them to the police in case of checks – but in the future it will be possible to have more and more documents (including the identity card) and also use them for online transactions. For these latest developments it seems we will have to wait for the early 2025.

IO App and IT-Wallet: How it works

Let’s see now, How to get IT-WalletVery simply, it will be necessary Download the IO app (available for Android and iOS) and log in to it using an identity SPID or THERE IS. Once logged in, you will be able to access the various documents in the application; we can assume that this is possible by going to the section Wallet of the app (the one that currently allows you to manage some documents and pay notices and fines), but we will have to wait until July 15th to have certainty.

App IO. Credit: PagoPA.

IT-Wallet, is the “digital wallet” safe? Advantages and risks

In light of what has been said, there is no doubt that IT-Wallet can bring significant benefits. In this regard Alessio Buttisenator and undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council with responsibility for technological innovation, in an interview with The sun 24 hours reported:

The Wallet will transform the relationship between citizens and the PA, making the faster, safer and more accessible processes. Citizens will have greater control over your digital identity and the data transmittedbeing able to display their credentials easily and safely both in person and online. This will strengthen trust in the public system and increase citizen participation in digital services offered by the PA. Furthermore, the possibility of presenting documents and digital credentials It will reduce bureaucracy and speed up response times from the PA.

Given the times we live in, however, a fundamental theme is that of cyber security. Regarding this aspect, Butti stated:

Security is an absolute priority. It is no coincidence that to access services that require a higher level of security, it will be necessary to use the CIE to activate the wallet and specific functions, in line with the European eIDAS2 regulation. The security guaranteed by the State is one of the reasons why I chose to focus on the CIE right away. As regards the sharing of personal data with third parties, the Wallet will allow users to choose which information to share, minimizing the exposed data and ensuring maximum transparency and control.