Japan has almost completed an anti-Chinese aircraft carrier for F-35 jets: the JS Kaga

On March 29, 2024 the Japan has successfully tested the changes to your own destroyer helicopter carrier JS Kagato transform it into a aircraft carrier lightweight capable of carrying and taking off F-35 fighter. It’s about the first aircraft carrier which Japan has had since the end of Second World War, when the United States imposed the disarmament of the Japanese country and the modification of its Constitution in an anti-militarist sense. The crescents tensions with China for Beijing’s attempted expansion towards the Pacific and the progressive enlargement of its fleet, but also the rivalry with the North Korea and the Russialed Tokyo to reconsider its position: in agreement with the USA, a progressive rearm of the country in all sectors, including the naval one. The changes to the JS Kaga were revealed at Kure Naval Base, Hiroshima Prefecture and will also be made to a second ship which will become an aircraft carrier: it is the JS Izumo. China has already expressed concern about the Japanese initiative and this has increased the level of tension in the Far East.

For Japan the main one purpose of the construction of two aircraft carriers is the containment of China in its coastal seas and the potential defense of the island of Taiwan, the first possible Chinese military objective in the event of an attempt at territorial expansion towards the Pacific. It is a goal that Tokyo shares with United States and other allies, in particular India And Australia. The 4 countries, not surprisingly, recently joined together in a military alliance called QUAD.

The Japanese initiative is also part of a broader rearmament program which saw, starting from October 2021, the creation of aamphibious military unit and the launch of one new class of modern frigates.