New IT-Alert test, the Civil Protection simulates the tsunami alert in Sardinia

The May 15, 2024 starting from hours 11:00 am there Civil protection will test in Sardinia the public alarm system IT-Alert simulating a tsunami generated by an earthquake. Specifically, the areas affected will be those in the province of Nuoro, in the municipalities of Orosei, Siniscola And Posada. This test is extremely important because the warning system is not yet operational for all foreseen scenarios and, for that matter tsunami risk And volcanic activity of Strombolifurther ones were necessary verification phases.

Specifically, interested people will receive a message with the following text:

TEST TEST IT-alert test message. The SIMULATION of a tsunami generated by an earthquake is underway in the area where you are. To find out the message you will receive in case of real danger and to fill out the questionnaire go to TEST TEST

Once the message has been received, citizens living in the area are invited to fill in the survey present on the IT-Alert site both if the message was actually delivered and if it was not received. We also remind you that the message will only arrive on mobile phones turned on of those who are in the area predicted by the simulation.

The alarm system, among other things, will play an increasingly important role in the coming years central for the protection of the population: thanks to a simple notification on the smartphone all those who are there in an area a risk will be able to easily follow the necessary instructions to best protect themselves and, consequently, minimize the number of victims and injuries in case of calamity or disaster. The first test was performed on June 28, 2023when all users connected to cell phones in the Tuscany region received a test notification informing them of the existence of the service and its testing phase.