operations and average ticket increase

It’s a increasingly interesting market that of personal loans in our country. Despite a 2023 characterized by inflation and high interest rates that discouraged the use of credit by families and individuals, the personal loan market held up.

This is revealed by an analysis of Kiron Partner, credit brokerage company of the Group Tecnocasa sexplaining that this sector has in fact recorded a slight decrease in loans granted (-1.6% compared to 2022) against an increase in the number of financed operations (+14.2%), with a general trend towards smaller loans. We are talking about a sector that in Italy has over 25 billion euros in volumes of personal loans disbursed with approximately 66 billion euros of outstanding credits.

Personal loans, growing market

“Kiron Partnerwhich has been collaborating with the main companies specialized in consumer credit for the intermediation of personal loans for over 15 years, – states Renato LandoniPresident Kìron Partner SpA – in 2023 further enriched the range of products that, together with home mortgages, are offered to customers to meet liquidity needs (for home renovation, car purchase, family expenses) recording an increase in overall disbursement compared to 2022 equal to 84.4%, with double-digit growth prospects also for 2024”.

Analyzing the volumes of loans brokered by Kiron in 2023, we observe a trend opposite to the reference market with an increase in the ticket and average duration of financed operations. The average ticket, equal to €12,494, is higher than the market average (+39%) and growing compared to personal loans disbursed in 2022 (+14%).

Operations and average tickets increase

A. is also observed increase in average duration of the plan of depreciation which goes from 65 months in 2022 to 80 months in 2023. Customers therefore seem to have preferred longer installments and more sustainable installments.

  • 46% of financing operations were disbursed in Northern Italy
  • 20% in central Italy
  • 35% in the south and on the islands.

A look at the geographical origin of customers highlights that

  • 71.5% are Italian nationals
  • 13.3% of European nationality
  • 15.2% non-European.

The presence of foreign customers is particularly marked in the north where it is equal to 42% and in the centre where it stands at 38% while it is less significant in the centre and on the islands (

From an analysis conducted by Kìron on the variables socio-demographicagain on the basis of internal data it is observed that the average age is 43.5 years old at the time of requestwith a segmentation that denotes a greater use of credit by younger groups and those under 45, which represent over 56% of the total. 71.8% of applicants are male.

The identikit

As regards theby profession82% of customers are public or private sector employees, 9% are self-employed or freelancers, while 7% are retired. It is important to highlight that, albeit to a minimal extent, even customers who have fixed-term contracts or other forms of income are able to access personal loans.

“In a context of strong uncertainty and instability – concludes Landoni, President of Kìron Partner SpA – families have scaled back their spending plans while specialized companies have tried to contain the risk by making the requirements for access to credit more stringent, especially for higher amounts. It is certainly a very interesting market, full of opportunities, which, after a few years of difficulty, is rapidly returning to pre-pandemic levels.”