progressive lenses to keep it under control

Presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon which, sooner or later, affects everyone in life and involves the progressive difficulty of the eye in focusing on the closest objects, for example when you read the newspaper or use your smartphone. However, far from being a disease, presbyopia is simply the natural result of the aging visual system. Thanks to modern glasses with progressive lenses, offered by Ottica Saracino, it is possible to live your lifestyle without limitations, with a single pair of eyeglasses.

The truth about presbyopia: a common phenomenon

Presbyopia affects most people starting from 44-45 years of age and manifests itself with difficulty in near vision, such as reading or working on the computer. Contrary to what many may think, presbyopia is not a disease, but rather a natural aspect of the aging process of our visual system. It can be annoying, especially for those who already have vision problems, but it is easily manageable with the help of modern optical technologies.

Progressive lenses: the solution to live without limitations

Thanks to rapid advances in ophthalmic lens technology, it is now possible to tackle presbyopia with confidence and style. Progressive lenses, proposed by Saracino optics, represent an ideal option for those who want clear vision at all distances, without the need to constantly change prescription glasses. These multifocal lenses allow a smooth transition between near, intermediate and far vision, allowing you to adapt effortlessly to any activity.

The reference point for quality optical solutions

When it comes to dealing with presbyopia and other vision problems, it is essential to turn to qualified and reliable professionals. Ottica Saracino, with its long history of excellence in the sector of optics and its commitment to customer satisfaction, represents a reliable point of reference for anyone in the Taranto area looking for valid optical solutions. The staff is dedicated to providing personalized and professional service, helping customers find their best optical solutions for their specific needs. With a wide range of glasses with progressive lenses and other innovative options, such as modern multifocal contact lenses, Ottica Saracino offers its customers the freedom to live your life to the fullestwithout visual limitations.