Recall of organic food products due to risk of allergens, vegan cold cuts withdrawn

The Ministry of Healthin its function of monitoring health-risk products, has recalled two organic and vegan products. There was, according to what was reported by the supplier of the company that produces them, a high risk of presence of allergens. What makes the difference is the absence of the wording “possible presence of…” on the labeling and the list of allergenic ingredients in the product. This is why the product recall and consumption is required only in the absence of diagnosed or presumed allergy.

Organic product recall with chickpea and lemon flavour

With the note from'April 11th the Ministry of Health (also present on the dedicated app) has decided to recall some “organic” products. It's about the product.”Wheat petals chickpeas, lemon and turmeric” (sales name) which identifies the brand's vegan sliced ​​meat So Bio.

The manufacturer and the manufacturer's factory identification mark is Golferspecifically Golfera in Lavezzola Spa To better identify the package under recall, you can check the accused lot: L 42913A06.

The sliced ​​meat, suitable for a vegan diet and with a high protein and fiber content, has raised the alarm due to its possible presence of allergens. In particular it is the presence of sesame, not transcribed on the label, creating a health risk for allergic or even seriously intolerant consumers. The supplier Psyllium fiber communicated the possible undeclared presence of allergens to the ministry and it published the recall note. There are no particular warnings, other than that of avoid consumption in case of allergy.

Vegan sliced ​​beetroot and elderberry recall

Another product from the factory in Via Dell'Industria 6-8, 48017 in Lavezzola (RA) in Italy triggered the recall by the Ministry of Health. These are the “Wheat petals beetroot black elderberry”, or a vegan sliced similar in appearance to bresaola of animal origin.

The lot recalled is the number: L 43221A05. The factory and manufacturer of the brand So Bio in which possible risks of the presence of allergens have been traced is always Golfer in Lavezzola Spa

The reason for the recall is similar to that of theI affected vegan chickpea and lemon flavour. In fact, as stated in the ministry's note dated 11 April, the Psyllium Fiber supplier communicated to the health control institution that the Cosi Bio product (lot 43221A05) did not have the words “possible presence of allergen” on the labeling as It's sesame. For this and for the risk of presence of mustard and sesame among the ingredients, conscious and safe consumption of the product by allergic consumers is required.

Revocation of recall for sultanas

Unlike yesterday's notes, one was published on April 12th recall revocation note for the brand's sultanas Mister Sibambto. The production batch previously referred to, i.e. “L 23136”, does not have the previously identified high level of ochratoxin.

Product Details “Sultanas 250 grams” which can be purchased and consumed:

  • Brand name – Mister Sibamba
  • Name of the manufacturer – La Madia srl
  • Plant headquarters – Canepina (VT)
  • Expiration date – May 31, 2024
  • Weight – 250g
  • Shop – Eurospin Italy spa