record assets at the end of March

It is again record for heritage of savers followed by consultancy networks, which returns to the levels of the end of 2023, both due to the good performance of the markets and the growth in collections. This is what emerges from the report Assoretiaccording to which the networks of promoters were able to respond to the phase of uncertainty with a well-diversified portfolio capable of reducing exposure to risk.

Data from the end of March

The assets at the end of March stood at 839.8 billionexceeding the value at the end of December 2023 by 7%. The main growth lever is represented byperformance effect of the financial markets which contributes 3.1 percentage points, while the collection by 1.3 points; the contribution deriving from the changes occurred in the survey perimeter is 2.5 points.

There overall valorisation of the component financial/insurance/social security of the portfolio thus reaches i 717.1 billion euros (+7.3% in the quarter), representing 85.4% of the portfolio; Of these, 519.9 billion are invested in products of managed savings (61.9% of the portfolio) e 197.2 billion in financial instruments administered (23.5% of the assets).

Managed savings

The component represented by the set of managed savings products records a growth of 5.5% in the quarter, determined by 3.7 points by the market effect.

The value of mutual funds and Sicavs stands at 227.3 billion euros, with a growth of 6.4% compared to the end of 2023 and an overall impact on the portfolio which stands at 27.1%. In detail, open-ended funds of foreign law represent the 23.8% of the portfolio with 200.2 billion euros, of which 86.2 billion invested in equity funds; Italian law products are worth 24 billion (2.9% of the portfolio).

The valorization of individual management increases by 4.8% and reaches 84.2 billion euros; the impact on the portfolio thus stands at 10%. The insurance sector represents 22.5% of the portfolio, with 189 billion euros (+4.7%). Growth particularly involves multi-line policies (+8%), which reach 43 billion, and the unit linked (+4.4%) with 102 billion. They also grow social security products (+6.3%) which thus reach 19.3 billion.

Managed savings

The administered financial instruments reach an overall value of 197.2 billion euros, with an increase of 12.2%.

The largest is consolidated impact of government bonds, now equal to 8.6% with 72.2 billion euros; follows that of the titles equity which, with 58.7 billion, represent 7% of the portfolio. 6.6% of the assets are represented by corporate bonds (3.6%), exchange traded products (1.5%) and certificates (1.4%).