record growth in yields compared to 2022

Good news for those who decide to bet on Deposit account which continues to guarantee a high performance. The confirmation comes from the new survey of the Observatory (which compares online deposit and current account offers) which took into considerationand the evolution of the available proposals on the market for savers over the last two years. Despite the first signs of a decline in returns, the Conto Deposito continues to be a product of advantageous savings.

Deposit account: record growth

Exceed 3% it's very simple, even for short-term deposits. Furthermore, by focusing on the most convenient offers from the banks, access a Deposit account at more than 4% it is possible while in 2022 we had to settle for just over 1%. However, the analysis confirms a decline in earnings relating to longer-term deposits, which are characterized by a lower return compared to what was recorded last year.

Average rate remains above 3%

The first part of the Observatory's analysis focuses on the evolution of guaranteed average return from the Deposit Account. As clarified by the data in Table 1, focusing on this savings product continues to be the right solution. The average rate is always higher than 3% for all three cases considered (6, 12 and 18 months). Furthermore, there is an increase in yield for shorter deposits (6 and 12 months) while, in the case of 18 months, the comparison between 2023 and 2024 does not record substantial changes (with a decrease of 0.04 points).
The evolution of the Deposit Account, however, is evident by broadening the time horizon. THEThe comparison between 2022 and 2024, in fact, confirms the net growth in yields, which increased by over 2.3 points for all three cases considered. Choose one today Conto Deposito therefore guarantees a significantly higher return compared to 2022 and, consequently, a more significant gain without having to give up the security offered by this type of product.

With best offer you stay above 4%

The analysis of the best annual gross rate available confirms the latest market trend for the Deposit Account. With a short-term deposit (6 months) it is possible to obtain a significantly higher yield compared to last year, while with longer duration solutions (12 and 18 months) there is a decline in the most advantageous option (up to 0.25 points less) which translates into a lower profit for savers. Compared to 2022, however, current market conditions allow access to a deposit account with a gross annual rate up to 3.05 points higher.

Falling returns for long-term deposits

The decline in the return on the Deposit Account in the long term is also confirmed by the analysis, reported in Table 3, of the evolution of rates for a very long deposit. In fact, considering a 60-month deposit and comparing the 2023 data with those of 2024, we note a decline in the average annual gross rate recorded (-0.36 points). The maximum annual gross rate also drops (-0.25 points) available to savers who opt for a 60-month deposit account. By choosing a long-term deposit, in any case, it remains possible to secure an advantageous rate with an average of 3.22% and a maximum value recorded of 4.50%.