Tensions between SpaceX and TIM: Musk's company sues Telecom for Starlink frequencies

SpaceXthe private aerospace company that is responsible, among other things, for the development of the project Starlinkreported last week TIM toAGCOM (Communications Regulatory Authority) and others MIMIT (Ministry of Business and Made in Italy). The story was reported by the well-known international news agency Bloombergwho would have come into possession of the documentation of the complaint in which it is stated that «Telecom Italia SpA for months did not comply with the rules that require it to share spectrum data to avoid frequency interference with its equipment». The Italian provider rejected the accusations from the company founded by Elon Musk, explaining that they are still ongoing «interlocutions» between the two entities. The data on the frequency spectrum that Telecom Italia decided not to share with SpaceX – again according to what was reported by Bloomberg – are essential to avoid interference and various communication problems. Without this information, ensuring a stable, low-latency ultra-broadband satellite Internet connection may be impossible.

Just in the last few hours SpaceX – which is also involved in the Starship project – launched into orbit 22 Starlink satellites: it is the most recent of a series of launches which aim to populate low-Earth orbit with a constellation of satellites capable of providing fast, low-latency internet even in areas of the world not reached by this service. In the video you can see the launch filmed from Los Angeles (credits: Federico Bertazzoni).

According to SpaceX, Telecom Italia's behavior risks having repercussions on Starlink's Internet quality not only in Italy, but also in other countries in Southern Europe and North Africa. To ensure adequate service continuity, Elon Musk's company is thinking of moving part of its infrastructure to other European countries, which could have far from negligible repercussions on the Italian economy.

According to what theHANDLE in one of his notes, a TIM spokesperson would have rejected all these accusations, defining “partial” the reconstruction of the facts drawn up by SpaceX, and also specifying that there are «discussions still in progress”. The note in question also reports the statements of the Minister of Business and Made in Italy himself, Adolfo Ursowho spoke on the matter saying:

The ministry immediately takes part in a discussion and coordination table between TIM and Starlink to find a solution that can allow the two technologies to coexist as best as possible, as required by law. We will be the actors at this discussion table in the assumption which, moreover, we have already attributed for a few weeks to preparatory work carried out by the Bordoni and House foundation to the ministry. We must as a ministry guarantee the parties and therefore TIM, the data and information it possesses, and at the same time allow actors such as Starlink and others to use this new technology for the benefit of all. The ministry will be the protagonist in the mediation and discussion between the actors and in identifying a better solution that can guarantee the national interest.

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