The food supplement recommended by doctors has been withdrawn from the market: risk of allergy

The Ministry of Healthin its function of monitoring products that put health at risk, has recalled a product dangerous. It is a dietary supplement quite well known because it is recommended by doctors.

The risks associated with the product are quite serious, so much so that the ministry has asked us to be careful about consumption. In fact, the warning is not to consume it if you risk it allergic reactions to milk.

Recall for supplement Ensure Vegetable Advance: risk of allergic reaction

With the note of 11 June the Ministry of Health (also present on thededicated app) has decided to recall a potentially dangerous product. This is a pack of dietary supplement which takes the name (sales name) of “Ensure Vegetable Advance“. The name identifies the brand's supplement Abbott sold both in supermarkets and online.

The manufacturer and identification mark of the establishment is Abbott Manufacturing Singapore, specifically from the Tuas South Avenue 26 – 637437 plant in Singapore. To better identify the package under recall, you can check the batch number. There are two:

  • 400g: lot 1210475 – 08/21/2025; lot 1195476- 09/07/2024
  • 850g: lot 1210476 – 08/20/2025; lot 1212907- 31/10/2025

The supplement comes in a blue and white packaging. On the jar that contains it there is the writing “100% vegetable based”. It set off the alarm because of the possible presence of allergenic ingredients as the milkwhich can cause serious allergic reactions.

The recall, scheduled for June 11, 2024 for the product with an expiration date included in the batch (shown above), has a warning. The note states that the product must not be consumed for those who are allergic to milk, because it may contain traces of milk proteins.

What are allergic reactions to milk

To consume milk despite aallergy can cause serious health consequences. Immediate reactions include urticariaitching, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties and, in more severe cases, anaphylaxisa potentially fatal reaction.

In the long term, constant exposure to milk can cause chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and conditions such as eosinophilic gastritis. In children, it may impair the absorption of nutrients and growth. Chronic breathing problems, such asasthmathey can get worse.

A accurate diagnosis of allergy is essential and is obtained through skin tests or blood tests. Management requires strict elimination of milk and dairy products from the diet. There are many alternatives to milksuch as soy, almond, rice or oat milk, which do not cause allergic reactions.

Anyone who is allergic must read the information carefully labels of foods and have a plan emergencyincluding a epinephrine auto-injector in case of involuntary hiring.