The Google Gemini app is officially available in Italy: what can be done

The Google Gemini app is officially available in Italy. The app has an interface translated entirely into Italian and, in fact, allows you to have the same user experience that has already been available for some time as a Web application. To be honest, the Gemini app can only be installed on Android (platform on which can also be activated via a specific option with Google Assistant); on iPhone and iPad, however, Google's AI features will be included in the Google app in the coming weeks.

Thanks to the mobile version of Gemini it will be possible to upload files, take photos and ask the AI-based algorithm to analyze them. The rollout – the process by which software is released onto the market – is still ongoing, which means you may not yet be able to download the app to your Android smartphone or tablet, or you may not yet see Gemini's features in the app. Google app for iOS/iPadOS.

Regarding the news just announced, Jules WalterGroup Product Manager at Gemini Experiences, said:

You can type, speak or add an image for different needs. It's an important first step in creating a true AI assistant: conversational, multimodal, and useful. This will enable a new experience that offers simple access to Gemini as well as contextual help right on the screen. Many voice features that are typically used in Google Assistant will be available through the Gemini app, including setting a timer, making calls, and setting a reminder, and we're working to support more in the future.

In the next few hours (or at most in the next few days), however, you too should receive the news, provided you satisfy some minimum requirements. In this case you need to have a smartphone or tablet Android endowed with Google services that has at least 2 GB of RAM and of Android 10 or later. With regard to iOS/iPadOShowever, as already mentioned, Gemini's features will be made available in the Google app, which is already available for download for iPhones and iPads updated to iOS/iPadOS 15.0 or later.

Credits: Google.

If your device meets the minimum requirements as soon as indicated, you can proceed to Google Gemini app download on Android or of theGoogle apps on iOS/iPadOS. To do this, all you have to do is press on one of the following download links – depending on the operating system in use on your smartphone or tablet – and then tap the button Install or Get/Install and possibly confirm everything with the password of your Google or Apple account or with theFingerprint or with the Facial recognition.

  • Google Gemini for Android: DOWNLOAD from the Play Store
  • Google Apps for iOS/iPadOS: DOWNLOAD from the App Store