the new rules from 1st July

June 30th is the extension has expired dictated by the ordinance of the Ministry of Health for the obligation to wear masks in hospitals and facilities that house fragile patients. It was decided not to follow this imposition, leaving the decision (and total responsibility) to the health directors.

Goodbye masks

Although it may seem like an almost anachronistic argument today, the health system still dealing with Covid and its consequences. The fact that today it represents a scarecrow almost exclusively for vulnerable subjects puts it less in sight than other issues. This does not mean, however, that the dangers have completely passed.

There need for normalityhowever, has pushed Giorgia Meloni’s government to take an important step. Even the last obligation in health matters has fallen. Now we are only talking about recommendationsas well as delegation of responsibilitiesThe executive does not intend to compromise its convictions but, at the same time, has no desire to be held responsible for possible consequences. It all falls on the shoulders of the health directorsso.

It is up to them to analyze the areas most at risk, where they can proceed at most to strongly recommend the return to the use of protective devices. In the meantime, however, Covid is circulating again, despite the high temperatures. In recent weeks it has also shown signs of rising.

New measures

Therefore, from July 1st, new active measures, signed by the Prevention Directorate of the Ministry of Health, under the guidance of Francis Vaia. We are moving towards a change of perspective on the front of responsibilities, starting with the citizens.

Individuals will be responsible for their own actionsin fact, freely choosing whether or not to wear a mask in hospital. A form of protection recommended onlyboth in the case of prevention with respect to the conditions of others, and in the case of potential harm to others, for example by presenting respiratory symptoms. The same also applies to those responsible for protecting the safety of the most fragile.

A positive note in political terms, considering how Meloni’s party did not actually participate in the operations during the Covid phase, limiting itself to harsh criticism. At the same time, it is proceeding to dismantle the last bastions of health protection, which for a certain type of electorate is a point clearly in favor. Make way for health directorstherefore, responsible for analyzing the conditions of certain areas. In case of risk they will be able to modify the regulations, to protect the hospitalized.

Covid data

Net of the fact that the Covid has long ceased to be the news of the day, what are the data regarding infections? In recent weeks, the circulation has increased. There has been a slight increase in cases, which is somewhat unusual given the high temperatures. The “brake system” therefore seems to have reduced its capacity.

The transmissibility index Rt is at 1.15slightly above the epidemic threshold. As for confirmed cases of infection, in the last week there has been a +25%, reaching 2,600 people.

The occupancy of beds in the medical area is stable at 1.2% (approximately 750 hospitalized), as is that in intensive care, equal to 0.3%. Covid has therefore not disappeared into thin air and epidemiologists urge us not to underestimate its threat. The numbers are in fact slightly increasing even in the United Stateswhere the CDC has recommended a booster shot updated vaccines.