What are the most dangerous countries in the world? The ranking by crime rate and global peace index

In a complex and multifaceted world like ours, it is inevitable that they exist deep differences from country to country in over 200 states on Earth. Some of these are in fact classified as “dangerous” or to “high risk” due to the socio-economic, political or environmental conditions that characterize them. But what exactly is meant by “Dangerous country” and which are the most dangerous ones on Earth? We see it in this article reporting the rankings based on the crime rate (crime rate) and the GPI (Global Peace Index).

The ranking of the countries with the most crimes in the world

As always happens in the geographical context, it is not at all easy to draw up a ranking of the most dangerous countries in the world. In this case, mainly for two reasons. The first is that they don’t exist ratings objective of the danger and we can, at most, rely on it statistical indicators as the crime installments (the crime rate) and the Global Peace Index (Global Peace Index), also called GPI. The second reason is that the dangerousness of a certain place can be defined based on different factorssuch as crime, political instability, the presence of wars and conflicts, the lack of services, mafias and corruption, the presence of endemic diseases, extreme environmental conditions, seismic and hydrogeological risk and many others.

The crime rateor crime rateis a statistical indicator that relates the number of all crimes committed in a place with the total population of the place itself. The reliability of crime ratehowever, can be influenced by different conditions, such as the fact that what is considered crime varies from one country to another and in countries with high rates of poverty and less control by institutions, it is unlikely that all crimes committed will be recorded. .

According to the data collected on the platform WorldPopulationReview (data Numbeo2024), the countries of the world with the tallest crime ratetherefore the countries in which the most crimes are committed in proportion to the population are the following in classification:

  1. Venezuelawith crime rate of 82.1
  2. Papua New Guineawith crime rate of 80.4
  3. Afghanistanwith crime rate of 78.4
  4. Haitiwith crime rate of 78.3
  5. South Africawith crime rate of 75.5
  6. Honduraswith crime rate of 74.3
  7. Trinidad and Tobagowith crime rate of 70.8
  8. Syriawith crime rate of 69.1
  9. Guyanawith crime rate of 68.8
  10. Peruwith crime rate Of 67.5

Just for reference, the crime rate Italian and of 47.3.

crime rate index crime index crimes States of the world dangerousness
The crime rate in the world.

The GPI ranking, the Global Peace Index

The Global Peace Index it is an indicator developed byInstitute for Economics and Peace and is used to determine the “peace” of the States or, in other words, to measure the tendency towards war of the different countries of the world. The study of Global Peace Index it is quite complex and analyzes well 23 indicatorsboth quantitative and qualitative, such as military spending, the size of the armed forces, the number of heavy weapons, nuclear capacity, the number of conflicts fought, relations with neighboring states, the level of political instability and many others.

Based on this ranking (data Vision of Humanity2024), the least peaceful countries in the world and most prone to violent actions, based on the GPI value, are the following:

  1. Yemenwith a GPI of 3,397
  2. Sudanwith a GPI of 3,327
  3. South Africawith a GPI of 3,324
  4. Afghanistanwith a GPI of 3,294
  5. Ukrainewith a GPI of 3.28
  6. Democratic Republic of Congowith a GPI of 3,264
  7. Syriawith a GPI of 3,173
  8. Russiawith a GPI of 3,134
  9. Israelwith a GPI of 3,115
  10. Evilswith a GPI of 3,095

Again for reference purposes we point out:

  • The United Stateswith a GPI of 2,622; in 132nd position out of 163 countries considered (where 1 is the most peaceful and 163 the least peaceful);
  • L’Italywith a GPI of 1,692; in 33rd position out of 163 countries considered.
  • L’Icelandwith a GPI of 1,112; in first position out of 163 countries considered is the most peaceful country in the world.
Map of countries based on the Global Peace Index. The more red and black we go, the more dangerous the states are. Credit: https://www.visionofhumanity.org/maps/#/