Dividends May 2024, the companies that yield the most on Piazza Affari

It's time to dividends on Piazza Affari. After the big round of last April 22nd, in which eight companies from the FTSE MIB have detached the dividend coupon, next Monday 20 May will be the turn of as many as 20 companies. An event that will have a significant impact on the stock market indices, given that it is estimated to be a negative impact equal to 1.3% on the main index of the Milan Stock Exchange (in April the impact was estimated at 1.5%).

Among the companies that will pay the coupon – in the entire list there are around seventy large and small companies – there are big companies such as Eni, Intesa Sanpaolo and Montepaschi, but the spotlight will be on those that pay a generous dividend to their shareholders.

Companies that pay dividends on May 20th

Below is the list of 21 FTSE MIB companies which will detach the dividend coupon on May 20th (payment date May 22nd), the amount of the dividend paid to shareholders and, in brackets, the Dividend Yield (yield), or the ratio between the price of the stock and the amount of the dividend paid:

  • A2A 0.0958 euros (Yield 5%)
  • Amplifon 0.2900 euros (Yield 0.9%)
  • Azimuth 1.4000 euros in cash and shares (Yield 5.4%)
  • MPS Bank 0.2500 euros (Yield 5.4%)
  • Banca Popolare Sondrio 0.5600 euros (Yield 7.1%)
  • BPER Bank 0.3000 euros (Yield 6.3%)
  • Brunello Cucinelli 0.9100 euros (Yield 1%)
  • Diasorin 1.1500 euros (Yield 1.2%)
  • Eni 0.2300 euro fourth tranche (overall dividend 0.4 euro, Yield 6.3%)
  • ERG 1 euro (Yield 3.8%)
  • FinecoBank 0.6900 euros (Yield 4.7%)
  • Generali Insurance 1.2800 euros (Yield 5.3%)
  • Interpump Group 0.3200 euros (Yield 0.8%)
  • Intesa Sanpaolo 0.1520 balance (overall dividend 0.2960 euros, Yield 8.3%)
  • Inwit 0.4800 euros (Yield 4.7%)
  • Italgas 0.3520 euros (Yield 6.7%)
  • Mediobanca 0.5100 euros in advance (potential balance 0.46 euros, estimated yield 6.1%)
  • Moncler 1.1500 euros (Yield 1.8%)
  • Record yourself 0.63 euros in balance (total dividend 1.2000 euros, Yield 2.4%)
  • Tenaris 0.4 dollars in balance (total dividend 0.6000 dollars, Yield 3.8%)
  • Unipol Group 0.3800 euros (Yield 4.4%).

The previous cuts

Previously, on April 22, eight other FTSE MIB companies had detached the dividend coupon, for an impact on the FTSE MIB of 1.53%. The companies involved in the last round were:

  • Mediolanum 0.7000 euros (Yield 6.9%)
  • BPM desk 0.5600 euros (Yield 9.1%)
  • Campari 0.0650 euros (Yield 0.7%)
  • Ferrari 1.8100 euros (Yield 0.4%)
  • Iveco Group 0.2200 euros (Yield 1.6%)
  • Prysmian 0.7000 euros (Yield 1.5%)
  • Stellantis 1.5500 euros (Yield 5.8%)
  • Unicredit 1.7800 euros (Yield 5.1%).

What are dividends and why are they important

The dividend is one fraction of profit produced by the company, which is distributed in whole or in part. The part of the profit that can be distributed to shareholders is divided by the number of shares in circulation and the type (if there are also savings or preference shares).

The relationship between the price of the stock and the dividend paid to the shareholder emerges Yield, i.e. the return on the security and therefore on the investment carried out by the members. The higher the remuneration, the higher the return received by shareholders, at constant prices. Naturally, the security on the market records continuous price variations, therefore the final return on the investment will also incorporate the variations in the price of the shares (difference between the carrying price and the final value).

This is where it comes from the importance of dividends for those who decide to invest in venture capital of a company rather than on other assets, such as a bond (which earns interest) or the much loved government bonds, which today yield quite well. And since those who invest in stocks take on greater risk, they aim for a higher return than a safe asset such as a government bond.

The highest yields

But who are the dividend champions? Who paid the highest return to their shareholders. Looking at the companies that detached the coupon between April and May podium goes to Banco BPMwhich corresponded to a yield of 9.1%.

They follow on the podium Intesa Sanpaolo with a yield of 8.8% and for a new entry in the main basket, the Banca Popolare di Sondrio with a yield of 8.1%.

Generous coupons were also issued by Enel, Poste Italiane, BPER Banca and Banca Mediolanum, with dividends of around 7%.