Product recall, health risk for dishes of various sizes from Albania

The Ministry of Healthin its function of monitoring products that put health at risk, has recalled some plastic plates coming from Albania. All types (dishes, soups and desserts) were considered risky for health.

The risks are linked to global migration exceeding limits. This does not comply with the legal provisions of Article 3 of European Regulation N.1935/2004 and for this reason it has been withdrawn from the market.

Recall for plastic plates: health risk

With the notes ofMay 15th the Ministry of Health (also present ondedicated app) has decided to recall some non-food products. These are different formats of plastic dishes (plates, soups and desserts) from the brand Rey Plastic Shpk.

The manufacturer and identification mark of the establishment is Rey Plastic Shpkspecifically from the Durazzo plant in Albania. To better identify the packages under recall, it is not possible to check the accused batch, because it is not there.

Unlike food, the group of recalled products can be recognized by the identification mark of the establishment or manufacturer, which in this case has the number L71325502Q.

In particular they are plastic plates recalled with sales denomination:

  • Rey Natura plates 20 bottoms
  • Rey dessert plates 25 pieces
  • Rey Natura plates 20 floors

The reason for the recall is health-related risk from global migration exceeding limits. The warning requests immediate withdrawal and ban on sale and any other form of advertising or offer.

What does global migration beyond boundaries mean?

This term refers to the withdrawal of a product from the market due to the possibility that it may constitute a risk to public health or the environment. In particular, the ministry's note refers to exceeding the limits. In the note we read i reasons for withdrawal: “Global migration beyond limits. It does not comply with the legal provisions of articles 3 of the European regulation N.1935/2004 and as a result the withdrawal from the market is imposed if there is health-related risks”.

The note indicates that the product has been withdrawn from the market because its global migration is higher than the permitted limits. This means that the product contains substances that migrate or transfer in quantities greater than those established by European legislation, specifically Article 3 of European Regulation No. 1935/2004. European Regulation No. 1935/2004 concerns i materials and objects intended to come into contact with food. Article 3 states that materials and articles must comply with the basic provisions of the regulation, which include requirements on material safety, migration of substances into food and compliance with good manufacturing practices.

If a product does not comply with these provisions, it may represent a risk to consumer health. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has imposed the withdrawal of the product from the market to avoid potential risks to public health.