From July 3rd the obligation to attach plastic caps to bottles comes into force in the EU

From now, Wednesday, July 3rdin Italy as in the rest of the European Union, the caps “attached” to disposable bottlesthe so-called “solidarity caps”: these are particular types of immovable cap (in English tethered cap) that remain attached to the bottle by a flap: for some it may seem more uncomfortable, but in reality it is a choice useful for the environmentbecause in this way the bottle can be used normally and, at the same time, the cap cannot be separated from the bottle, encouraging the population to recycle it together with the bottles and at the same time preventing it from being lost and ending up in the environment. This is a measure that falls within the 2019 Single-Use Plastic Directive – the same one that provided for the ban on the sale of single-use plastic products and which was implemented by Italy at the beginning of 2022.

The choice to use this new type of cap attached to the bottle serves to reduce its accidental dispersion into the environment, given that in the last 30 years it is estimated that over 20 million bottle caps and lids during beach clean-ups in the European Union. Attaching the cap to the bottle would therefore significantly reduce this value.

Please note: this directive will currently affect single-use plastic bottles and composite packagingthat is, those packages made up of multiple materials, such as milk cartons. These rules will not apply to glass containers.

There has been no shortage of this in recent months. skepticism regarding the introduction of these types of caps, which were also used during the electoral campaign for the recent European elections. In reality, as shown in the video below that we made in June 2023, the “trick” for drinking from bottles without having problems is quite simple and in most cases simply involves turn the capin order to “block it” the position.