the affected batches and the serious risks for humans

The Italian Ministry of Health has recalled from the market one bubbly wine for found microbiological risk caused by excessive levels of lead inside it (over the permitted limit). As can be read on the ministry website, it is a specific batch of Brut 2017er Jahrgangssekt (2017 vintage) vintage produced by Sigmar Stocker which, if taken, could represent a “serious health risk of consumers”.

Brut sparkling wine recalled, the affected lots

In the notice of recall published on July 2, 2024, the Ministry of Health specified that the bubbly wine interested is produced by the company Stocker in the establishment of Terlanin the province of Bolzano, located in vicolo della Chiesa 62 (identification mark BZ-2673). lot of the product affected by the recall is the number L070818 with sparkling wine which is sold in 0.75 litre bottles.

Risks associated with the recalled product

The company that produces the sparkling wine has recommended its consumers not to consume the sparkling wine with the batch number indicated above, as there may be risks to human health. What is worrying in this case is the presence of an unauthorized percentage in the bubbly wine of a heavy metalThe lead precisely.

On the website of the Ministry of Health, in the specific section dedicated to food recalls, the ministry among the warnings for the ssparkling Brut 2017er Jahrgangssekt (2017 vintage) vintage indicates that “the product must not be consumed and must be returned to the company where it was purchased”.

What to do if you bought the recalled sparkling wine

Consumers who have purchased one or more sparkling wines belonging to the batch recalled by the Italian Ministry of Health due to excessive quantities of lead must, first of all, refrain from consuming the drink.

After making sure that they have purchased a product that belongs to the recalled batch (number L070818) of the Brut 2017er Jahrgangssekt produced by Sigmar Stocker, consumers can go to the point of sale that supplied them with the product to ask for a refund. replacement of the same or the reimbursement of the amount paid for the purchase.

It will be necessary, of course, to show the sales receipt or the bill, so as to be able to demonstrate to the retailer that you bought the sparkling wine that was recalled by the Ministry of Health at that point of sale.

The Food Recall App

In order to improve consumer information on all foodstuffs that come recalled the Ministry of Health has launched a new app which, in real time, provides citizens with all the warnings they need to consume food and drinks in a calm and safe manner.

The new app is called Product Recalls Italy and is structured in such a way as to be able to send consumers direct notifications on their smartphones when a decision is made to withdraw a given product from the market. This application also allows you to immediately identify whether the product affected by the recall is present in your pantry and whether you are entitled to receive a reimbursement for the purchase made.

Technological innovation therefore accompanies the ever-increasing attention paid by consumers to what they eat and drink: as many as 66.7 percent, according to Censis, declared themselves in favor of eliminating potentially health-damaging products from their diet.