Italian Product Recalls, the app that warns us if a product has been withdrawn from the market arrives

The new app arrives that keeps you informed about product withdrawals from the market in real time. Is called Italian Product Recalls, developed to alert consumers instantly about the Ministry of Health's decisions on potentially dangerous products. The app will send direct notifications to your smartphone when a product is collected and allows you to immediately check if the collected product is present in your pantry and if you are entitled to a refund.

How the app works

The Italian Ministry of Health carefully monitors the products that must be withdrawn from the market due to incorrect procedures, production problems or bacterial contamination such as salmonella, all of which are food safety risks. Although notices about recalled products are disseminated through various channels, they are sometimes not known to the public, thus increasing the risk of inadvertent consumption and preventing the possibility of requesting a refund or replacement of the product. To resolve this problem, the Recall Products Italy application allows you to stay constantly updated and to promptly receive notifications on product recalls from the Ministry. This ensures quick access to the latest information to preserve the health of yourself and your loved ones.

The work carefully carried out by the Ministry of Health and the forces in charge to prevent harmful foods from reaching the tables of Italians is very important in order to preserve one's health and avoid feeling ill or having negative consequences on one's state of well-being due to the consumption of a food that is not suitable for the health regulations in force.

Available for iOS and Android mobile devices, this app is essential to protect family health and to guarantee the right to reimbursement when necessary. It is essential to remember that only recalls and revocations made official on the Ministry of Health portal are considered valid and compliant with obligations towards consumers. For this reason, the “Recalls of Italian Products” application operates exclusively through the information conveyed by the Ministry of Healthin order to provide a service within smartphone reach that is truly useful in safeguarding one's health and that of one's loved ones.

In this period there have been several food recalls: such as the case of the Capricciosa salad from Belmonte SAS withdrawn from the market due to fragments of glass inside or the various batches of bagged crisps withdrawn from the premises of all retailers due to non-compliant food colouring. admitted.

Attention to food safety is growing

Paying attention to the foods you bring to the table is a topic in which Italians have become very interested in recent times. According to Sole24Ore, awareness regarding health and sustainability is growing rapidly among Italian consumers: a significant part, equal to 66.7% according to Censis, is willing to exclude products potentially harmful to health from their diet.

Furthermore, more than half of the population (52.6%) avoids it foods that do not meet food safety standards, while almost half (43.3%) choose not to support production and distribution practices that are harmful to the environment. Another 35.6% do not purchase products that do not guarantee the rights of workers and suppliers.

These data highlight a social change in which the food industry enjoys a high level of trust, with 86.4% of Italians expressing trust in the sector, a sentiment found across all age groups.