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HomeBusinessA severe gas shortage drove people outLNU News

A severe gas shortage drove people outLNU News

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LNAU posts,

Citizens are very concerned about the gas supply situation in Karachi, first buy expensive cylinders and then pour Gas is expensive, if two people can’t work, they buy expensive food from the hotel, what should the people of Karachi do?

A severe shortage of gas has left people in dire straits, with stoves cold for weeks in New Karachi, North Karachi and Shadman. Gas does not come between 6 am to 9 am or 12 am to 2 pm or 6 pm to 9 pm.

The people of New Karachi, North Karachi and Shadman Town are tired of complaining, complaining, but the employees of Sui Gas office are not tired of doing anything.

There is an acceleration window in the LBG shop, 200 rupees per kilo of gas is enough for two meals and tea and breakfast. Young, old, men and women are all forced to leave work and fill gas tanks in line all day long.

If you don’t pay to buy a cylinder and fill up with gas, you have to compromise with expensive and substandard food from hotels, no tears, but it is said that the lack of gas is a serious test for citizens.

The owner of the hotel said that although he paid for the trade, he had to bear the cost of cylinders and wood, so he was forced to sell expensive food, which means that the burden fell on the public’s pocket as well.

Sui Southern Gas company officials asked whether basic needs will be provided when there is no gas even for a minute, but there was no response.


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