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Kanchan Mullick attends TMC 21 July rally with Sreemoyee Chattoraj: No more hiding! Kanchan paired with ‘girlfriend’ Srimoy at 21’s gathering LNU News

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Rumors of relationship between Srimayi Chattraj and Kanchan Mallick have been buzzing inside Tolipara for the past one year. Even though the couple chatted with their friends from the birthday party, the two stars are still locked in their mouths. But this time no more hiding! Star MLA Kanchan Mullick (MP Actor Kanchan Mullick) appeared in the rally on 21 July with his girlfriend Srimayi.

The social media handle of the actress caught the picture of Ekush’s gathering and the buzz has already started. On the one hand, the divorce case is going on in the court with his wife Pinky. On the other hand, Kanchan Mallik appeared in Ekush’s gathering with Shrimayi Chattraj. The actress also took pictures with the star legislators of the ruling party.

Sometimes Srimayi was seen with Aditi Munshi, Aindrila Sen, Leena Gangopadhyay, and sometimes with Raj Chakraborty, Soham Chakraborty who was busy taking pictures at the Trinamool Martyr’s Day rally of the famous actress Krishnakali. However, he did not return from the rally empty-handed. Gifts were also received by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Kanchan and Srimayi Chattraj’s viral Netdunia says, ‘There is no need for Rakh-Dhak.’

[আরও পড়ুন: ২১-এর ‘ডিম্ভাত-বিরিয়ানি’ নিয়ে ঠাট্টা শ্রীলেখার! প্রশ্ন, ‘এরপরও তৃণমূলকে ফেরাবেন?’]

By the way, 1 year ago. By June 2021 there was a lot of buzz about Srimayi Chattoraj’s relationship with Kanchan Mallick. Even, the matter has rolled up to the police station. However, Artist Forum offered to mediate. Kanchan’s wife Pinky claimed, “The actor is having an affair with Srimoy.” Both Kanchan and Srimayi denied the allegation. With the passage of time, the criticisms and debates have subsided. However, seeing the pair on the stage of Trinamool on July 21, the speculation of the relationship again erupted!

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