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UPDATE – Japan, US make cautious progress on economic issues and Microchip technology – AmbassadorLNU News

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Washington (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – January 18, 2023) Both the United States and Japan hope to make progress in seeking to harmonize export control policies for semiconductors and other manufacturing equipment, Mr. Koji Tomita, the Japanese ambassador to the United States of America, said. Washington thought.

“This is a very complex problem, we need to work closely with the industry because whatever we do in this area must make business sense otherwise our efforts will not be sustainable, we are making progress carefully, looking at both technical and economic. Both sides of this problem,” said Tomita on Tuesday.

The comment was made during an interview with the Indo-Pacific Coordinator of the White House, Mr. Kurt Campbell, held at by the Center for Strategy and International Studies.

On January 13, President Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida met in Washington DC, where the leaders discussed ways to promote partnership between America and Japan, Japan’s national defense strategy and other issues.

Japan, along with other US allies, has been trying to boost domestic microchip production while countering China’s advances. Last month, the United States stepped up efforts to crack down on China’s technology sector by blacklisting more than 30 companies, citing national security concerns.

Professor Sunitha Raju from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in New Delhi told Sputnik after the US move to deny Beijing access to advanced semiconductor equipment may accelerate China’s efforts to close the high-end microchip technology gap and control the entire value chain.

In October, the Biden administration expanded controls on U.S. semiconductor technology exports to China to limit Beijing’s ability to manufacture high-end microchips used in military applications. Beijing took this matter to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to file a lawsuit against the control of the export of America.

Kishida after meeting with Biden last week said that the Japanese government has decided to invest $547 million in the semiconductor company Rapidus, which is a newly built factory, and will continue to support the industry.

In early December, Rapidus and US multinational technology company IBM announced a joint development partnership as part of Japan’s initiative to expand research, development and semiconductor manufacturing.

The Tokyo-based company is seeking trillions of yen to help develop 2-nanometer technology and hopes to mass-produce chips by 2027 at a factory in Japan, according to the Japan Times.

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